Metajob is a job board built using the MERN stack, providing a comprehensive full-stack solution. The tech stack comprises TypeScript, Next.js, MongoDB, and Tailwind CSS. The project is structured within a monorepo and is managed with a turborepo.

Project structure

The project is structured as a monorepo and includes the following packages:

  • apps/site : main site built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS. You will deploy site
  • apps//backend : Optional. (apps/site  has already has backend by next.js)
  • packages/next-mongo : a package that provides the complete backend with MongoDB database.
  • packages/api-connector : a package that connects the backend source.
  • packages/eslint-config-customeslint  configurations (includes eslint-config-next  and eslint-config-prettier )
  • packages/tsconfigtsconfig.json s used throughout the monorepo

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Mern Stack Job Board